A Lesson From Egypt

This post will be short, and sweet as my mind is tired, and probably does not have much capacity for witty thinking. Most of you have probably heard at least a little bit of the craziness currently going on in Egypt. The military has given their new president an ultimatum. News stations are talking heavily about another uprising that will overthrow the government. We were just here though weren’t we? Didn’t we just witness this story in Egypt?

Maybe some of you are thinking the same thing I did when I first heard. Let’s hope they pick the right guy this time. They have been under horrible oppression. Their last leader needed to be removed. That realization reached critical mass to the point where a whole nation stood up and cried out in defiance. Their anger and hatred over something that legitimately deserved to be hated swallowed them up into a crowd prepared for action. The only problem is they did not seem to look to far ahead. They failed to look to much past the future of a tyrant ruling over them. This left a hole that needed to be filled. It was filled by what seems to be another tyrant.

We can’t really blame them though. We do this all the time with sin. We become so obsessed with a particular sin we have that we engage all of our power and ability to removing that sin form our lives. We end up with an empty hole. If we are not prepared to fill that emptiness properly then it will just get filled with another sin. We need to be replacing the holes in our life with Christ.

I hope Egypt looks past their anger this time, and looks to see how they can go beyond removing a problem and actually replacing it with a healthy solution. I pray even harder for a Christ’s church who is full of people in a rage towards their sin that their obsession with its removal only opens the door for more opportunities for Satan. Let us look beyond the battle, and fight strategically to survive the war.


One response to “A Lesson From Egypt

  1. Please pray for Egypt. What happens in the next few days will determine democracy or tyranny. If Muslim law rules then there will be persecution to the Egyptian Christians, our brothers and sisters.

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