God’s a Boss

I was listening to this chapter yesterday to get a little boost of energy form God’s Word. Funny how often you can go through a book, and the suddenly discover a chapter in it. Maybe it was because this might have been the first time I heard this chapter being read, or maybe I was simply just looking for something in it this time, but this chapter really jumped out to me.

Psalm 29 can only best be described in three simple words. God’s a boss. I don’t mean to that irreverently. I always try and avoid along and things of that sort to describe God, but in our culture today this phrase best describes this Psalm to me. He is incredible. He is overpowering. He is terrifying. He is beyond it all. God is just all around a beast.

Let me use it ins words that the more traditional crowd will be comfortable with. God is powerful. he is almighty. He is Lord. He is sovereign. He is awesome. He is amazing. He is immortal. He is beyond our comprehension. God is just incredible.

I keep using different words to say the same thing, but that is really because Psalm 29 does the same thing. It really pumped me up yesterday. Then you get to verse 10. “The Lord sits enthroned over the flood”. Hold up. What did David just write? This statement really jumped out to me from this chapter. It struck a deep chord with me. Many scholars would say that “he flood” referred to in this chapter is the big one with Noah. That is the only situation in which it has been used up to that point in Scripture, and it would seem to fit well enough.

David is saying that God sat enthroned over the global flood. That flood that killed mankind aside from Noah and his family. The flood that wiped things out on earth in order to start over. God was enthroned over that. It was His call to make. It was his choice to cast out judgment on the earth. What you get out of this chapter is that God is powerful enough to do anything. We are insignificant next to Him. Nature itself is incapable of disobeying His will. God is the ruler.

The psalm ends with a hope of God blessing His people. It seems weird, but before this I had never really thought much about what compelled the psalmists to ask for God’s blessings. Have you? Have you ever considered the motivations of people to pray to God for blessings? I’m not talking about the superficial motivation based out of their desires to be blessed. This is something much deeper. It is like when a child goes to his parents for something. maybe it is a toy, or maybe something much more basic like food or water. perhaps help getting to something. Why does the child ask them? Why not ask the dog? Why not ask another child? The child understand that their parents have the power to grant their request. They are capable of doing what is needed.

Why does Psalm call out to God for blessings? I suppose some could look at it form the angle of fearing God, and the end of this Psalm is a simple hope that God will be on their side in order to avoid His wrath, but I think the reason is much sweeter and innocently childish in nature. David is calling for blessings from God because he knows God is capable of delivering.

If we are having trouble calling out to God for help then maybe this is where we need to start. We need to remember that just as God has the power over nature and to bring floods, he also has the power to meet our needs. God’s capable of answering us with what we need.


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