Remember playing tag? I’m not talking about that game of tag you played last week as someone who is way to old in college to play tag, but rather the games of tag form childhood. You would run like something out of the wild free of caution and fear. You ran out of instinct. Every turn you made was made in the moment rather than out of any strategic placement like a game of chess. These instinct turns inevitably put you in a predicament of being trapped against a wall with your opponent clearly prepared to strike with zero hope of escape for you.

Out game the dirtiest trick in the book. “TIMEOUT!” Maybe it was an imaginary piece of dust in your eyes, or that rock from Neverland stuck in your shoe that just had to come out in that exact moment. The timeout would give you the opportunity to restrategize and catch your breath’ You could restart the game at a moments notice to get the edge for your daring escape. Yes, the timeout was the most powerful tool in your arsenal.

We grow up, and often discover that life ends up feeling like one giant game of tag. We often continue to run around out of instinct as we did as children. We often eventually found ourselves trapped by circumstances. That attractive and insanely inappropriate girl starts to flirt with you and get your mind going in directions it has not business going. Where is my timeout? That “idiot” who just can’t stop being immature and pushing your buttons after a very tiring and long night. Where is my timeout? The kids just wont go down and your temper is flaring up. Where is my timeout? That church member gets a self righteous attitude and needlessly rebukes you for what feels like the countless time. Where is my timeout.

I could go on and on with examples that people face everyday, but the point is clear. We all find ourselves in situation where all we want to do is just call a timeout. We want the pause button. We want to stop things to give ourselves back an edge. Life doesn’t work that way though. We are often forced to react quickly to our circumstances.

How actively are you placing God’s word in your heart? We don’t always get a timeout to reassess the situation. Sometimes we need to be able to respond in the moment. I find this to be difficult for me lately in regards to my temper. Without a timeout in situations I find myself more irritable then I should be at the circumstances around me. This is a problem. This puts me in a position of responding in the wrong way.

We don’t always get a long time to rely on God’s strength. This means we can’t just wait until the quick moments hit to walk with Him. Walking with Christ isn’t just a daily task. Walking with Christ is a step by step task. It’s time is not merely filled by days, but by moments. So what about you? What will happen when you can’t call a timeout?


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