A Guy Named Brian

Yesterday was one of those rough kinds of days at work. I dealt with the kind of people you really never want to deal with. They were the kinds of people that you go way out of your way to avoid running into. People who were entitled, rude, crude, cruel, and frankly downright barbaric. It was a bad day. I was worn down, and ready to go home before the day was even half way over. I was spent.

Then I got a call from Brian. Let me tell you little bit about him. Brian is a pastor who is working on his Master of Divinity. He tells incredible corny jokes that your child in kindergarten comes home to tell you after hearing it from one of his classmates. He loves giving silly impressions of other people. Brian is the kind of guy that is full of life and just can’t help but try his hardest to spread it around. Brian is the kind of guy that is on a mission.

His mission is pretty simple whenever he calls into my office. He is determined to make his conversation with whoever he talks to become a bright and encouraging spotlight in their day. He works to bring a little joy and happiness into the life of another person. He knows people deal with the crummy stuff in life on a regular basis so he is extra purposeful to bring something different into the lives of others.

You see, Brian works very hard to bring encouragement and joy into others lives, but in the process he actually brings something much greater. Brian brings a little bit of hope. Hope that humanity can behave different when Christ takes control of their lives. Hope that not everyone in this world is entirely cruel and ugly. Proof that there are people in this world who want to make a difference in this world. Prof that there are people who genuinely want to give rather than just take.

Do you know what is funny? Brian blew al of that ugly people out of the water that day. His one conversation with me eradicated any of the negative conversations I had that day. I like to think God knew I needed Brian that day to get through the remainder of my day. He knew I needed a little bit of hope to penetrate through my dark day. Brian was willing to be used by God to accomplish that.

What’s the point to all of this? You and I have a choice. There are two kingdoms in this world working like mad to gain ground. One is the kingdom of darkness, and the other is the kingdom of God. When we interact with others we are making a choose to try and improve one kingdom over the other. When we respond with hatred and cruelty we are working for the wrong side. A little bit of joy and encouragement goes a lot further though. Your encouragement to a person could outweigh all the bad they experience that day.

So what do you want to do? Do you want to be like Brian, or like the countless and nameless others?


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