The Game Changer

It’s been so long since I have posted. Time has gotten away form me, and I am desperately hoping to get back into a regularly routine of writing again. The lack of writing has still produce ample opportunity for thought. My thought’s manage to be all over the place which may be part of the reason for the lack of posts lately.

My son turned one last week. He is really a great kid. We celebrated with family and friends a year of survival, joy, and change as he turned one. Ezra enjoyed the party as well. His birthday provided me time for reflection, and remembering how much of a game changer he has been in my life. Preparation for his arrival over a year ago brought about events that lead us down our current path. His arrival paved the way for God to reveal a new element in His will for our lives as a family.

It’s funny, up to that point I was never able to really recognize where God was leading us in the next phase. Things weren’t very clear for me. I wasn’t able to grasp the next step because I was not mentally ready for the next step. God had to bring in our new child to help prepare me for what would come next in our lives as a family.

God gives all of us game changers. God brings things into our lives that make us reevaluate where we are and where we are being lead. It forces us to confront difficult circumstances and acknowledge where their are personal flaws. And demands personal reflection, and the need for a response form what we learn during that reflection. People say children turn your world upside down, but I think Ezra turned our world upside down in some ways we didn’t expect. It was not the late night for bedtime. it was not the exhaustion of sleep. it was not even simply the responsibility for a whole little person. It was the fact that his life demanded us to have a shift in perspective. A change in perspective often makes us see things in a way we never anticipated.

We expected to have Ezra, but I don’t think we expected God to make him such a huge instrument and leading me down the next step in our grand journey. I think we need to learn how to welcome game changers. Those are the things that allow God to soften our hearts towards his plans that we would normally shove off to the side out of a lack of understanding. What are your game changers?