Christ Didn’t Look Past My Sin.

Have you ever heard yourself saying the following statement? “I know I probably shouldn’t say/do this, but…” I know I have caught myself saying similar phrases. I have noticed it more after closely listening to other people say it. It takes shape in all forms. “I’m sorry I am venting, but…” “I’m sorry I hurt you, but…” It’s a very peculiar concept isn’t it? It’s strange that we acknowledge a mistake we are about to make, and then go on to make it. As I have thought on it’s true purpose and motivation I can’t help, but hate the fact that I struggle with doing it.

We say thing like this to avoid confrontation. If we acknowledge our sin while we are doing it then we can somehow remove ourselves form being confronted while we do it. We hope that it means that people can just ignore our sin. In fact, we are basically saying that we realize we are a sinner so please accept that I am flawed and just come to terms with that fact. We avoid confrontation by acknowledge that what we are doing is wrong.

This doesn’t really let us off the hook. All it does is make us look all the more foolish. We proclaim that we are wrong, and then go off and continue to do it. That’s a little nuts isn’t it? No, It is more than a little nuts, it is insane. It’s dirty. We make sure that anyone who then attempts to confront us feels like they are tearing us down more than is necessary because, hey, I’ve already acknowledge my sin so thee is no reason to beat a dead horse. You’re holding me in my sin when what you should be doing is just providing me with forgiveness. We never actually get around to apologizing in order to provide forgiveness though. All we have done is acknowledged that what we are in the middle of doing is wrong.

It’s a symptom of a bigger problem. We believe our mistakes should simply be ignored. We believe they should be looked past. WE proclaim that we should look past the sin of others just as Christ looked past sin. He didn’t look past sin though. He stared at it straight in the face. Christ coming to the earth had everything to do with paying attention to sin. If Christ ignored and looked past sin then there would have been no Jesus in the form of man. There would have ben no crucifixion. There would have been no resurrection. There would have been no salvation. We would all still be heading for hell.

Sin is to serious of an issue to just look past. It’s not something that can just be ignored. Simply acknowledge a mistake we are about to make doesn’t give us a free pass. Sin is sin. Sin requires us to seek out forgiveness by repenting form it rather than simply acknowledging it. There is a real difference there.

None of this can happen though unless we get this idea out of our heads that Jesus was all about looking past sin. We think this because he spent so much time with sinners, and kept talking down to those religious people. It’s funny though, the religious people were sinners to. Jesus had no problem confronting them in their sin. He didn’t seems to be to keen on looking past the sin of those religious people. We like the concept of Jesus looking past sin when it seems convenient for us. We hide behind a Jesus who we claim looked past peoples sin and rebuked those who did not do the same. We immediately place ourselves in a double standard.

Even the non religious sinner that Jesus spent so much time with was not someone whose sin he looked past. Why do you think he spent so much time with them? He wanted to show them that there was a better life. A life full of purpose. A life that could not be weighed down by the control of sin.

I’m…. I’m thankful Christ didn’t look past my sin. It hurts when I need to face the consequences of it. It’s embarrassing when I need to face the confrontation, but I’m better for it. I write this post more for myself then anyone else. If I am so grateful that Christ chose not to look past my sin, then why would I so actively avoid being confronted of sin that I acknowledge while I do it? Why do I attempt people to tolerate a poor attitude or cruel thought by already acknowledging it is probably wrong. I feel entitled to be able to act “human” sometimes. “Human” is a substitute for “sinner” in those moment. Can’t I just let my guard down for a little while? Can’t people just accept me for what I am? As I look back on those moments I feel a good deal of regret form those moments. I don’t want people to have to accept me at my worse. I want to have people challenge me to be better. I don’t want people to simply look past my flaws. I certainly want patience form them as I grow, but more importantly I want them to journey with me to changing into a better person. I want them to acknowledge my sin. I want them to do that because my savior acknowledged it on the cross. Thank God my savior did not look past my sin.


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