Today is Going to be Legen – Wait For It

Dary! Legendary! That is what we look for in life isn’t it? We look for those epic moments that make for the grandest stories. We look for adventure and excitement.

I have a confession to make. I hate Winter. People often assume I am a lover of Winter because of my utter contempt for the Summer. This is not the case. I am a Fall/Spring kind of guy. Summer is far to hot and seems to last forever. Winter is far to cold with nasty weather that equally seems to last forever. I often find myself anxiously looking forward to whatever season comes after the one I am currently in.

This is not exclusive to natures seasons though. Many times we can have the feeling with seasons of life, or even just weeks of life. I am coming off the end of a much needed four day weekend. It has been delightful. I spent weeks anxiously looking forward to this weekend. Now I am reaching the end of it, and I find myself wanting to just look forward to the next big event.

I have contemplated on this trend, and I have not been altogether excited with what I have discovered. I seem to spend a far more significant amount of my time looking forward to something in the future rather than living in the present. That doesn’t seem like a life being lived to the fullest.

It is easy to see why we get into this habit. Just look at any of the narratives in Scripture, and it is filled with the exciting moments in the lives of characters. Moses escaping the clutches of pharaoh, returning to Egypt, getting a front row seat to God’s wonders. David slew Goliath, fought glorious battles, became a king, and brought the Ark back into Jerusalem. These were men who lived in excitement. Their stories appeared so event driven.

What happens when we read in between the lines though? Moses sent 40 years as a shepherd. 40 years of waiting and tending to sheep. 40 years of developing a heart of compassion and care for creatures that were in need of daily guidance. 40 years of learning how to lead. 40 years of growing in humility. 40 years of just waiting. What about David? He also spent time as a shepherd. He learned how to trust in God during those years as he fought of dangerous predators.

There can be importance in the ordinary. Sometimes we just become to busy looking towards the extraordinary to see it. We are looking for the legendary moments without realizing that embracing the moment itself can make it legendary. Here is where we get it wrong. It is not an event that makes a day legendary, but rather the very living of the day itself.

We serve a purpose in the quieter moments of life. Those moment where we prepare, train, and grow. They are legendary in their own right because they lead and prepare for those more iconic moments. Heroes of legend never started that way. It was the ordinary that lead them up to the extraordinary.

Can you embrace the moment? A moment that may appear so ordinary, but in it is surrounded by the very creation of God. A creation that is actively at work, and interacting throughout the whole expanse of the universe. A moment that may seem ordinary to your individual life at the moment, but in that same moment is literally being held together by the very hands of its creator. A moment that may seem so insignificant to you, but it being guided by that same creator with the potential for such a significant purpose that you would not even dare to dream of its possible outcomes.

Join me friend. Today is going to be Legen- wait for it…


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