Grace or Morality?

I’ve been behind on my posts. Life has been crazy, and I have been kept rather busy. Once again I am trying to get back into the consistency of writing in my blog. I wanted to revamp my latest attempt by writing on something that became an area of focus in my studies.

I recently finished a course called “family Discipleship”. It proved to be challenging for me individual. While parts of the course provided information and skills to cultivate a ministry in church that provides proper equipping for parents, much of the course was centered around personal application as a parent. The course ended with a research paper as most graduate level courses do. We were told to pick a topic that would have significant personal application for us. Considering I am still a new parent I ended up writing on how to shepherd a child through the stages of childhood.

It was a journey for me. It was challenging to me as a parent, but also as someone who has been in ministry and is preparing to go back into it one day. There was a lesson form my studies in that course I wanted to share with you readers out there. We do not make the Gospel a strong enough of a focus in our interaction with others.

This is especially true with youth. We often put a higher focus on teaching morality rather than the gospel. This is dangerous on all kinds of levels. Morality lends itself to worship of actions of man rather than the actions of Christ. In opens a wider door to legalism rather than a journey of progress. Its greatest danger is that it is entirely absent of grace and salvation.

The concept of grace has been absent in my thought life and interaction with others lately. It just is not an area of focus that it should be. As I meditated on this realization I discovered to my horror that this meant the gospel itself has had to much of an absence to me lately. Grace is so intricately important within the Gospel.

I have seen a lot of absence of grace lately. I see it in the cheers of those thrilled that local business owners can now legally and joyfully turn a gay couple away from their establishment because it goes against their beliefs. I have seen and absence of grace continue in all forms of politics. I see the absence of grace all around me, and the teachings of morality flow freely. Above all else I find to great of an absence of grace in my own life and words.

I think we fear grace. We fear that it becomes a free ticket for sin. We fear that grace keeps us from acknowledging sin. This comes from an incorrect view of grace though. Grace does not ignore sin. Grace in and of itself cannot exist when sin goes unacknowledged. Sin needs to be recognized in order for grace to be provided. Grace puts morality in its proper context. We do good because of the good that has been done to us. It is not out of a desire to earn special favor, or even salvation.

I want my conversations to have a bigger focus on grace and the gospel. I want that to be the case because if my words show that emphasis then it means my heart is aligned to those concepts. Morality is not good enough. As Easter is coming up I would encourage you to do a mind shift focus with me. How does your life show that you make the gospel and its grace a priority?


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