Trust in God has been a topic that has come up for me a lot lately. It is has been in devotionals, sermons, and is even playing a prominent part of a sermon I will be preaching next week. Its emphasis has been so pronounced lately that it seemed only right to briefly share about it on this blog.

The name of this blog is utterly dependent. It has always been the name since starting this thing a ways back. When I thought of this name it just fit. It fit because it was what I always wished to strive for. I wanted to have complete dependency on God. I want to rely on Him, because I wanted that level of relationship. Have that kind of dependence requires a powerful dose of trust.

There is a question that has been presented to me in the midst of all this topic of trust. Do you believe that God is good? In all seriousness. Do you really believe that? I’m not talking about the kind of belief where you saw you believe it because you are pretty certain you know what the right answer is supposed to be. I am talking about in your heart of hearts, in the core of who you are, do you truly believe that God is good? We can trust a God that we do not truly believe is good, because sooner or later we just expect to get left in the dust if we do not really believe He is good.

An elder at our church gave the sermon today, and he made a really profound statement. Loving God is not the belief that God loves you. Isn’t that interesting to think about? When we are asked if we love God our answers often wraps around the idea that we believe God loves us, so yes we do love God. There is a problem with that mindset though. There will be times where our circumstances may make things appear different than what they actually are. There are moments where we do not feel loved by God because of whatever is happening to us.

The sooner we acknowledge that problem, and get past our embarrassment of feeling that way the sooner we can actually do something about it. Trust comes easier with experience, but it needs to start with a lack of it. I often hear people say how they wish someone would just give them a chance even though they do not have the experience for it. “I wish someone would give me a chance at this job.” “I wish that girl would just give me a chance and go to coffee with me.” Why are we so hesitant to give God a chance? Is it because we have not had enough experience of him pulling through in times of great need?

Here is the problem. That trust can only be developed by allowing there to be opportunities in your life for God to come through. We always talk about how God turns our weakness into strength, but we never actually talk about what that means. What if Trust in God, loving him, and weakness become strength were all intricately connected? What if strength simply meant trust?

By refusing there to be an opportunity for trust to go we are stopping an opportunity for God to strengthen us and subsequently expand our trust in Him, and grow our love for Him. It means taking that leap of faith everyone always talks about. It means placing that dependence on Him even if you may not quite have that experience with it yet. It means you have a choice. Refuse those first few moments of trust and thus remain stagnant, or open up your trust little by little until its borders disappear on the horizon.


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