Enemy Confusion

“Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.” Philo of Alexandria.

My job necessitates speaking to lots of strangers every day. Some are pleasant experiences. Others are not so pleasant. Some are having a wonderful time with life, and others are going through an incredible difficult time. Some days I am easy to have a pleasant experience with. Other days it is harder. Some days I am experiencing a wonderful time in life, and other days I am going through an incredibly difficult time.

Some people call it “walking on eggshells.” With disdain in their voice. Other call it “politically correct.” Some people refer to it as being humble. Other might call it just being kind. Perhaps it is looking to see the best in someone, or maybe it is deeper. Perhaps it is searching deep down to bring out the best of you. Whatever you call it the message remains the same. Be kind. You never know what the person across form you is facing. You never know what hell they may be going through.

It is the nature of my job to occasionally (and I do mean occasionally in the grand scheme of things) to get people who are upset over things outside of my control. Sometimes it is over what someone else said or did. Sometimes it is over mistakes made. Sometimes it is over the chaotic life of the individual. It is also I the nature of my life to speak to family and friends who have a hard go of it sometimes. Once again I continually need to remind myself, “Be kind.” “Their fighting a battle.”

It’s a reminder. It’s a reminder that we aren’t fighting against mere flesh and blood. No person is the enemy. There is a greater threat out there. A threat with a far wider reach, and a far deadlier arsenal then we have witnessed against any mere human. He is stronger than any ruler. He wages war against humanity itself, and humanity is caught up in that war. People are hurt in the process. Hurt people hurt other people.

Maybe it’s time to stop focusing our energy on a mere mortal. Maybe it is time to stop thinking that if we just get that one person into the presidency our country will be saved. Maybe we should start considering that those people that hurt us are dealing with baggage we cannot see. Maybe we need to stop looking at the flesh with our eyes, and start have our souls look at the souls of others.

It will require long-suffering. It will require humility. It will take more than a president. It will take more than a few fancy words. It will take more than Facebook memes that guilt you into typing amen. It will take more than you expect it to. It’s time to level the playing field. The battle is not against those mere mortals. The battle is against something far great. The solution starts with kindness. It starts with mercy. That is how death is defeated. It was defeated through the mercy and grace of a cross. The sting is gone. The victory has been lost. Why in the world should we change up the strategy now?


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