About me

I was a youth pastor for over two years in Kansas.  I have been married since June 11th, 2011.  I grew up in Maryland, and then moved out to Kansas in early 2011.  My wife and I have one son named Ezra who is a joy and delight. In a quick series of events God called my family an I back to Virginia for me to attend Seminary. I am currently working my way through my Masters. I strive to grow as much as I can in my walk with Christ, and have had a burning desire to start writing.  This blog is one of the first steps for me on that road.

I consider myself to be a friendly person.  I enjoy discussion, and encourage people to talk here on my blog over my posts.  All I ask is for everyone to show respect to each other.  Thank you for taking the time to check this out, and I hope you like what you see.