A Story of a Boy Named Micaiah

On Easter Sunday at 10:23 PM our second son Micaiah was born. It was an unexpected event. That afternoon we had already been to church, and spent the day with our good friend Karch, and Emily’s parents. There were hopes for Micaiah to come soon, but there wasn’t particularly any expectation to it.

We had already chosen to do a home birth. My wife felt that is what would make her the most comfortable, and I wanted to make her as comfortable as possible through the process. We had learned a few things from the first pregnancy, but only enough to know that this one could be wildly different. It was.

The labor was short. The quickness unexpected. Our new son was going to follow the beat of his own drum. In reality, this is fitting considering his name. We named him Micaiah. Don’t recognize it? I don’t blame you. It’s not a well-known name from the Bible. It is often used for side characters that have little not do with the overall plot. There is one Micaiah that he is named after that has a brief, but impactful appearance.

It is found in 1 Kings 22. Ahab wishes to go to war with Syria, and attempted to convince Judah to join him. Jehoshaphat is willing to give it a go, but require Ahab to consult with the prophets first to make sure this is a good plan with God. Ahab consults with 400 prophets who all tell him to go for it, and that he will be victorious. It would appear that these prophets were more of yes men because Jehoshaphat challenges Ahab to find someone who will actually tell him what God thinks.

This is where Micaiah enters the scene. He is already in prions because he has a track record to tell Ahab what God really thinks, and because Ahab is wicked he does not take too kindly to God’s opinions. Micaiah tends to look like he goes along to the beat of his own drum. He is living in a period where the people who are interested to hear what god has to say are few, and the people actually speaking for God are even fewer.

Ahab drags Micaiah out of prison, but not before one of the prophets tells Micaiah that he better go along with the positive message from God or else. Micaiah proceeds to give a sarcastic message to Ahab. It is almost word for word what the prophets said, but commentators think his tone was likely dripping with sarcasm since Ahab told him to stop goofing off and tell him the truth.

Micaiah’s serious message? Ahab was going to die in battle, and these other 400 prophets were a joke. Micaiah spoke up with the kind of boldness that only a true prophet of God can do. What is crazier is he said this to two kings who were sitting on thrones in front of him. He didn’t cave under the pressure. He didn’t worry about getting sent right back to the prison. He spoke freely and truly. He later explains that while he was in prison he Saw God sitting on His heavenly throne. He understood that these kings on their thrones were only siting there because they were lent out to them. The one true king even oversaw them.

Our little Micaiah is already following the beat of his own drum. He is already paving his own path. Our prayer is that as he goes through life he can also see God seated on his heavenly throne, and will follow the beat of God’s drum even if it seems to be off from everyone else around him.

Micaiah means “Who is like Yahweh?” We have gone through a heavy period of change over the past couple of years since our first son was born. Ezra was named for the Ezra who taught God’s word, and did so with boldness. It was a brave name from a brave man, and during that time we needed a little bit of courage and bravery. Since then we have had to go to the beat of a different drum. A drum that we have strived to listen to since it is God’s rhythm. It has lead us on some crazy adventures, but we have constantly had to remind ourselves that no one is like our God. He is worth serving because of who He is.

We love both of our sons. Micaiah has entered into this world in a bold quick way, and on a really big note. We only pray that he can live as large of a life moving forward. Micaiah, perhaps you will one day need to stand in front of kings of your own, but may you always follow the path of the only king worth serving.



A story of a boy named Ezra

This post will be short. The takeaway will not be able to be elaborated on in full. It’s a busy time which is why this post is short. My son was born yesterday. It was an amazing experience. My wife and I already love him deeply. He is an amazing kid. My wife went through a rather long period of labor. There are plenty of things classes and books do not prepare you for as a father and husband. One of those is seeing your wife go through the pain of childbirth. Depending on the pregnancy, childbirth could likely be considered a form of torture. Seeing my wife in the pain she was in tormented me. It was so painful to see her struggle. It was harsh knowing that there was nothing I could do to fix it. I would have taken on the pain for her in a heartbeat, but I couldn’t.

I stood next to my wife as the labor became more intense and the time for pushing began. I became overwhelmed with tears. I wondered how anyone could ever go through this more than once. How could this possibly be worth it? It was a horrible moment of pain. Then out of nowhere he arrived. In one moment I went from only seeing him as a silhouette on a sonogram to a fully alive child. I turned and saw this child, and heard the most beautiful cry I have ever heard in my life. The tears continued to come, but they were no longer out of pain for my wife. Our son Ezra had arrived, and it was an amazing experience brought about in the midst of pain. It was a mess. He was a mess, but we were drawn to him out of a love that is only ever expressed in those made up fairy tales.

That’s us and God. We are a mess born out of a messy situation into a messy world, but somehow God still loves us in a way that is so intense and profound that we could live for eternity and only barely scratch the surface to it. He saw ur pain and was willing and able to take it on himself. he loved us even though we created a situation for ourselves that literally made us unlovable.

It leaves us to wonder what is in us that could possibly make God still love us. The truth is that there is no answer to the question. God loves us so intensely and fights for us so intensely because that is simply who He is. He loves us because that is what He does. We have not earned that love. We have done nothing to make ourselves more lovable. The only things I had known of Ezra’s life here on ths earth up to the point of seeing him were the pain it took to get him here, and a cry of frustration over the lights and noise, but yet I loved him anyway.

This is the story of Ezra, but it is also the story of you and I. For God so loved the world. A world undeserving, often ungrateful, hateful, and wicked. He loved us so much that He gave His only son. Belief in Him means experience the intensity of that love for all eternity. It is an eternity where we only begin to scratch the surface.