About this blog.

I have spent time praying and working through whether or not I want to put myself out in the blogging world.  I was hesitant for a while because it can be a nasty place.  It can change you if you let it.  Many others have come into the blogging world seeking to reach out to others with the truth of Christ and be relevant.  The end result is full of relevancy and lacking in Christ.

I’m not about to assume that my blog is going to be better than most others out there.  In fact, there are plenty of blogs with really good content.  In the end though I want to be able to share what God places on my heart to others.  Let me tell you first off what you will not find on this blog.

1.You will not find a hobby horse blog.  I won’t just be talking about one thing.  This isn’t a blog to defend or attack one specific theological view.  It isn’t a blog to attack other blogger view points.  Will I discuss issues of theology?  Yes.  Will I occasionally give a reply to a hot topic blogger?  Perhaps.  However, I don’t just want to be a guy who attacks other views.

2.  You will not find perfection.  I have been known to make mistakes, and I suspect I will make some on this blog.  Don’t take everything I say as the gospel.

3.  You will not find a heavy political bent.  I largely stay out of the arena.  The only time you may hear me discussing politics is special posts on why I’m not as politically motivated as the average guy.

4.  You will not find foul language.  I do not swear in my posts, and any comments that contain those kinds of words are immediately removed.

5.  You will not find a need for relevance overshadow my testimony.  (At least I pray and hope not.)  A big part of what made me jump into this is that I became frustrated out the amount of Christian bloggers that used crude joking and language for shock value to reach out to others.  I want to be relevant and easy going, but I will not go so far as to compromise my values.

Here are some things I hope you will find on this blog.

1.Dealing with the tough issues.  We all struggle in our walk with God.  I want to be able to help others deal with some of the difficult things that come with that.

2.  A wide variety of topics.  I want to talk about things all across the spectrum, relationships, dealing with conflict, struggling with specific sins, meditating on Scripture, friendships, family, ect.

3.  A place where others are respected.  I will strongly encourage discussion in the comments section, but I want to to be a place where people can be respected and treated kindly.  Act disrespectfully on either side of a topic, and the comments will be removed.

4.  Offensive topics dealt with in an appropriate manner.  We live in a world populated with things like alcohol, drugs, vulgar language, and sex.  I won’t ignore these issues, and they will be addressed in this blog.  However, I will strive to do it tastefully and respectfully.  The way I see it, I don’t need to add offense to some of the things I write about, they are already offensive enough as is.  All the same, you should be aware that topics like these will be addressed.

5.  A good clean sense of humor.  I like to have fun, and hope to have some laid back fun posts as well.  I think people need to understand that you can enjoy yourself, but not need to go overboard.

So come on in, sit back, and enjoy yourself.  If you like what you read then spread the word.  I want this blog to be for anyone who desires to read it.