Opportunities to Preach.

As much as I enjoyed writing on this blog my greatest passion is preaching and teaching. If you or a church you know needs a guest speaker please contact me at in the comment section, or email me at utterlydependent@gmail.com.

There are two of my previous sermons you can listen to as examples of some of my past preaching. You can listen to them at that following link: http://www.mp3-sermons.com/index.php?id=12&speaker=485

I would be thrilled for the opportunity!


Look at the Stars

Psalm 147 4:5 “He determines the number of the stars; he gives to all of them their names. Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure.”

I love this verse. It takes place in a Psalm that talks about how God cares for us in our difficulties. Our struggles are something he wants to help heal. A while ago I read a book called Nightfall. It was a Science Fiction book about a alien race on a distant planet that is always orbited by a sun. Because there are multiples suns orbiting the sky there is never darkness on the planet. However, roughly every 2300 years there is a solar eclipse during a period where only one sun is in the sky.

The alien race is not use to darkness, and everyone is nervous on what to expect when darkness comes. Ironically it is not the darkness that pushes people over the edge. It is the countless stars in the sky that they suddenly see. Suddenly there very limited world has been insurmountably expanded. They realize they must look like an insignificant speck compared to the grandness of the universe.

Have you stopped to look at the stars recently? We appear to be nothing next to the sheer mass of the universe, and yet God is still intricately invested in who we are. God knows each of the stars. This creation that is too large for us to explore as a human race is known intimately by its creator, and yet he humbled himself on a cross.

It’s easy for us to lose sight of how huge the Messiah coming to earth is. When we look at the massive nature of this universe and realize that God knows everything about it we suddenly get a better glimpse of the weight of what Christ did. He gave up his the knowing in order to come down as a man, and lvie like us. He would experience hunger, fatigue, and pain. He would show that he carried the same emotions we do. Emotions like anger, joy, sadness, and weariness.

You see, when I look up at the stars I am overwhelmed by the mass of space there is. I am even further blown away when I realize God knows every inch of it. Every star has been named, every molecule in movement he is aware of. I am then filled with gratitude when I realize he still chose to come to us, die for us, show himself in a way that can be known, and wants to live in a intimate relationship with us.